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NEWS -   We have dates for the TDT school year program posted on the website calendar!

We are also accepting new Handmaids this year! See program for more info.

 Grace and Graciousness

​ seamlessly joined! 

His Handmaids

His Handmaids invites congregations to come, worship, and bow down.  This liturgical worship troupe is now in its 32nd season!   

Inspire people as followers of Christ and leaders of men

THat Dance Thing

That Dance Thing (TDT) begins its 22nd year in 2018 and continues to be a great place and time for teens desiring the opportunity to develop and grow wholesome friendships.  

​​Welcome to The Dovetail Ministries and thank you for visiting our site.  We offer something for everyone – all are welcome. 

You will read about the variety of programs available to families, teens, and children.   Our purpose is to bring people of all ages to a deeper understanding and fully committed relationship with Jesus Christ through Biblical teaching. The Biblical message is consistent, clear, and the same for all; however, the method and level of instruction are adapted to suit each particular student audience. 



Visits to senior citizen facilities and churches by His Handmaids and the That Dance Thing Exhibition Team bring the Gospel in a unique way.

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FootSteps is a program for adults that offers the opportunity for couples to get together in a social environment and enjoy learning to dance.  

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