What is the cost?

The cost is time and commitment.  There is no registration or program fee to be a  Handmaid.  Although it is not required, we do ask a suggested donation to help with the real costs of going forth with the girls and the Gospel.  We ask a $150 contribution for the first girl and a $100 contribution for the second girl.  If there are more than two Handmaids in the family, we ask nothing for the additional girls.  His Handmaids is open to any girl, and a donation is not a determining factor for participation.  Your contributions to His Handmaids are tax deductible.

How do new girls begin?

New girls participate in Handmaids-In-Waiting for their first year in the troupe. During that time they learn the basics and disciplines of being a Handmaid.  They also learn some songs in the repertoire, along with the biblical foundations for dance in worship.   Though new girls do not lead worship during this first year, we encourage them to travel with us to as many worship services as possible in order to observe firsthand the training and flexibility required.

The group will be accepting new Handmaids-in-Waiting this September. 

His Handmaids

Where and when do the girls meet?             

Rehearsals are every other Saturday (some variation occurs) throughout the school year, beginning in September. There are 17 rehearsal days in the season.  Additionally, programs are scheduled according to invitations received.  Rehearsals are held at Emmanuel Episcopal Church on Wilmer Avenue off Brook Road. (Map)

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What is His Handmaids? 

His Handmaids is a liturgical worship troupe open to any girl between the age 7 and . . . when she gets married!   The girls are taught to be worship leaders, not entertainers.  Dance experience is not required or necessary. Knowing Jesus is. This is the 32nd year of His Handmaids!

What exactly do the girls do?

Girls who are Handmaids learn refreshing and wonderful things under God’s direction. Discipline, relationship building, and love for the Lord...  Structure and boundaries, balanced with flexibility...  Teamwork with pure hearts...  Leadership, shepherding, commitment, patience and endurance...  You will stand amazed. 

His Handmaids...Ushering in the Presence of God